You Can be a Unicorn Too

We can help you fall in love with your career and craft an intentional life

The Unicorn Doctor ‘s passion is helping busy professionals learn how to manage their minds to create career satisfaction while reengineering their lives so they have time for what matters most.  What would your life be like if you looked forward to going to work?  What if your were in total control of your life?  What if you finished every day knowing that you accomplished exactly what you set out to?  What if you had enough time for the things you love?  We’d love to show you.

Service 1:

Create Your Unicorn Life

  • 12 weeks in duration
  • Unlimited written coaching feedback with a guaranteed response within 48 hours
  • Tailored one-on-one coaching sessions with the opportunity to schedule soon after you signup. 
  • Specially designed learning modules to help you perfect your self coaching skills
  • Enrolling NOW.  Space is limited.
Service 2:

Additional Personalized Coaching

  • Would you like a little more personalized attention?
  • This is an add-on option for those enrolled in the Unicorn Life Coaching Program
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