It’s Ok To Feel Uncomfortable Right Now

I feel like I’ve been having the same conversation repeatedly.  It feels like we’re finally nearing the end of the social distancing requirements that were imposed on us all by Covid-19 and now we have a chance to “get back to normal.”   It’s time to go out again.  It’s time to get together again.  Yet I keep hearing from my friends and clients that they just feel like something is off.  Something is different.

I’ve always identified as an extroverted person. I have a degree in Theater.  I drew energy from being around other people.  I was always excited for the next party, festival, or gathering. Now that all feels different.  As I find myself back out in groups of people, I’m experiencing something new to me.  I’m uncomfortable.

I’m not entirely sure why this is happening.  I’m not worried about getting sick.  I’ve been taking care of sick people all along during the pandemic.  Instead, it feels like I’m almost out of practice.  I’m easily overwhelmed by all the noise and excitement of being in large groups. My brain is easily fatigued by the energy of interacting with others.  In a way I think I’m out of practice when it comes to interacting with other humans.

This feeling seems to be showing up in my body as a sense of fatigue coupled with unease.  There’s this tension between my shoulders that shows up at times I wouldn’t typically expect to feel tense.  There’s a desire to curl up and hide.

It’s not my favorite sensation, but I’m also ok with it.

I know that a feeling or emotion is nothing more than a vibration in my body.  I know that these vibrations can’t hurt me and I know that I have the ability to feel them even when they are uncomfortable.  I also know that there’s a tremendous amount of power in accepting and processing my current emotions.

With this knowledge comes grace and acceptance for where I am right now as we work to “get back to normal.”  I’m also thinking about how I want to define what “normal” now looks like for me.  Most importantly, however, I’m allowing myself to be ok with these moments where I feel less than ok. 

Learning to identify and feel your feelings can lead to limitless possibilities.  If you’d like to learn more about how to do just that, I’d love to work with you.