Taking A Break

I like to pride myself on how much I can fit into my days.  I organize my time obsessively and I make certain that I have time for all of the things I enjoy.  I focus on goals and I allow myself time to recharge.  It can be a fine balance, but it works wonderfully for me. The techniques that I’ve developed to make it work have allowed me to be the most productive I’ve ever been while having more free time than ever before.

Those are the same techniques that ask me to repeatedly question how I spend my time.  I regularly ask myself if there is something that I’m scheduling or prioritizing that may not be serving me in the way it had been.  I also ask myself if there’s something that isn’t currently on my calendar that I would like to see there.

This habit helps keep me from going on autopilot and allowing my days to go by filled with activities that I keep doing just because I have been doing rather than because I want to. It’s so easy to get distracted by the insanity of our schedules that we miss exploring the reasons they’re so insane so we can fix them.

With that in mind I’ve decided to take a break from blogging for the summer.  I have a number of wonderful adventures planned and I want to have time to fully enjoy them.  I want to be 100% present.  I don’t want to be thinking of deadlines and my to-do list.

All I have to do to accomplish this is give myself permission to let things go.  I’m doing that now. I plan to return in the fall – I’m not sure exactly when, but I have some epic plans for then. 

I do my best to model the behavior that I teach in this blog and my hope is that this break will inspire some of my readers to find something in their lives that they would like to take a break from as well.

Pay attention to the reasons your brain tells you that you can’t take a break.  None of those reasons are facts.  They are just thoughts and they are completely optional.

Here’s to finding free time where there was once obligation.

Happy summer!

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