The Most Powerful Thing I’ve Learned

I used to think that I needed to change my life to find happiness.  I was convinced that, if I just accomplished the next thing in my list, I would finally feel better.  So, I diligently worked my way along the path from high school to college to medical school to residency and finally to a job with an incredible physician-owned group in my dream destination.  All along the way I received honors and awards.  I was constantly complimented on a job well done, but, somehow, it never felt like enough.  Something was always missing.

Once I started working, I began to look for my missing piece in my free time.  I began running and obediently worked my way from 5K up to 10K up to half marathon, but, while I was thrilled at the momentary rush of crossing each and every finish line, I never actually felt “arrived”.

I traveled obsessively.  Each new destination contained the magic of discovery and new experiences, but, upon my return home, that old longing/emptiness was still there.

I bought a beautiful house.  I bought my dream car.  They weren’t enough.

Then I started to work with my first Life Coach and she told me something that absolutely blew my mind.  She told me that it wasn’t the external things in my life that lead to my happiness, but it was the thoughts in my brain. She told me that I was responsible for creating my own longings and that I was, most importantly, also powerful enough to immediately let that searching go.  All I had to do to believe that I had accomplished enough was to believe that I had.  My accomplishments were always enough because I was always enough.

The secret to happiness isn’t in what’s around you; it’s in how you think about your life.  Now I hear some of you reading this and your mind is already pummeling me with examples of why your life is hard.  Your mind is presenting you with all of the examples of why this simple truth doesn’t apply to you, but I’ve got great news! Your mind is wrong.  Ask yourself: why does my brain want to surrender my happiness and my chances at fulfillment to my circumstances/activities/possessions/achievements? Why do I want to outsource my emotions to things beyond my control when I have the power to feel better just by changing my thinking?  

If you’re ready to take your power back, I’d love to work with you.